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These are our favorite links to helpful, encouraging, and edifying websites!  Please check them out for yourself -- enjoy!

Grace To You  --  John MacArthur  --
Here are all the resources from John MacArthur, including his audio sermons, transcripts, videos, books, articles and much more!  His faithful and thorough teaching of God's Word for over 40 years is indeed a treasure for all who desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  John is a much beloved pastor-teacher and friend, nurturing and caring for us even though far away!

Zion's Hope  --  Marv Rosenthal  --
This website is a great place to go for a thorough and accurate understanding of Biblical prophecy!  Marv Rosenthal's teaching is certainly a precious gift from God to us at this time in history!  His magazine, Zion's Fire, is most excellent and we highly recommend it to you!  We are honored to call him our friend and he graciously comes and speaks to our church from time to time!

Eschatos Ministries -- Alan Kurschner --
Alan Kurschner is a gifted Bible teacher whom we have recently met and whom we highly recommend!  His site is particularly helpful in helping to clarify and correct the confusion that exists concerning Biblical end times prophecy studies.  We are grateful for his precise scholarship and patient teaching on this very important subject!
7 Pretrib Problems -- And the Prewrath Rapture --  Alan Kurschner --
"Over the years, many different views about the timing of the rapture have been proposed, but the rapture debate has been especially active in the last decade or so. And as a result, there have been some major shifts in the way that the scholars have been teaching them. In this documentary we interviewed many scholars, theologians, and pastors who hold the Prewrath position on the rapture and asked them to help us determine the most critical aspects of the rapture debate. We then distilled these arguments down to the Seven Pretrib Problems which we will present one by one."

Proclaiming the Gospel  --  Mike Gendron  --
Here you can find the teaching of gifted evangelist Mike Gendron.  He is excellent at teaching the true Gospel in contrast to the false gospel of "grace plus works" that many people claim will bring them to God and heaven.  His tracts, books and videos are wonderful!

Critical Issues Commentary  --  Bob DeWaay  --
This is one of the best places to find longer articles that clarify and uphold Biblical truths as opposed to current false teachings that weaken many churches.  Bob DeWaay is a gifted Bible teacher with discernment, which is much needed today!

Grace Gems  --
These little daily devotionals are some of our favorites!  They come from godly pastors and believers from the past and are always encouraging, exhorting, nourishing, and a true blessing!  We print them off every day for ones to read at the table during breakfast or lunch!

A Word from the Word  --  Dan Hayden  --
Dan Hayden is a very gifted Bible teacher who can make even complex Biblical truths easy to understand.  We highly recommend all of his books and materials, including his daily "A Word from the Word " audio devotional.  We are also very thankful to call him our dear friend, who comes and teaches us at our church during our yearly Spring Conference.

Anchors of Faith  --  Mike Stohlmeyer  --
These teachings from Mike Stohlmeyer come from his heart, as he studied God's Word eagerly throughout his years of illness.  As a former pastor, he had great insight, zeal, and compassion.  Mike was a dear friend whose example of faith we long to follow, by God's grace.

The Spurgeon Archive  --
Charles Spurgeon was a great pastor and preacher during the 1800's and his teachings are amazingly current, since God's truth never changes!  He stood for God's whole truth at a time when it was not popular, and was eventually persecuted for it.  His style is beautiful, colorful, descriptive - very building and comforting!

Bible Bulletin Board  --
There are many useful features here, including the teachings of many gifted Bible teachers from the past such as:  Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, J.C. Ryle, George Whitefield, and others.  Also much of John MacArthur's teachings can be found here, including his answers to many Biblical questions in the handy Q. & A. section.

Desiring God Ministries  --  John Piper  --
Here the teaching of John Piper, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist church in Minneapolis, Bible teacher, and author.  His teachings and books are always heartfelt and unique - reaching into the soul with God-centered truths.  He is a dynamic teacher, who shares life lessons through the lens of God's Word.

Answers in Genesis  --
This site provides many articles, books, videos, etc. to help Christians understand and defend the truth of the first book of the Bible, Genesis.  It is important for believers to understand that science, when rightly understood, does not triumph over God's Word but affirms it.

Institute for Creation Research  --
"ICR equips believers with evidence of the Bible's accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework." This is another great resource for ones who love God and all of His Word!

Grace Books   --
Here is a great place to buy trustworthy books from many authors!  This bookstore has books from the best of today's and past pastors and Bible teachers, and at very reasonable prices.  Many Bibles, commentaries, and other materials are available here, covering every subject concerning a Christian's life and beliefs.  This is the first place we go, other than Grace to You, to be sure what we buy and read will be truly good for us!

Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service  --
This is also one of our favorite places to buy books too!  The prices are reasonable and shipping is fast!
Banner of Truth Books --
"There are a number of things that make a Banner book.  In summary: It must be a book worthy of publication irrespective of its likely commercial success; it must pass theological and doctrinal scrutiny; it must promote practical Christian living; it most likely has enduring application and will be as relevant in 100 years as it is today; it must be well written and carefully edited; it must be well produced."

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

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